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Pvc Foaming Regulator Free Sample

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Foaming regulator for PVC wood plastics is acrylate processing assistant, it has all the basic characteristics of PVC processing assistant, the only difference with PVC general processing assistant lies in the molecular weight, the molecular weight of PVC foaming modifier is much higher than general processing assistant.
Product Description
1. Influence on plasticizing effect
It can obviously promote the plasticizing process of PVC resin, make PVC plasticizing more even, thus improve the surface gloss and product quality.
2. Enhance the cohesion and homogeneity of PVC melt
Foaming modifier can significantly improve the pressure and torque of PVC melt, thus effectively increasing the cohesion and homogeneity of PVC melt and making the PVC products more compact.
3. Strengthen the melt of PVC
It can significantly improve the strength of PVC melt.Higher melt strength is beneficial to the maintenance of bubble shape and the prevention of perforation.Thus, foaming products with more uniform pore structure, lower density and better surface quality can be obtained.
The physical properties of PVC foaming modifier include strengthening the cohesion and homogeneity of PVC melt and strengthening the strength of PVC melt.
Company advantage
Our company has many years of research and sales work experience. The products are sold all over the world and are well received by customers.Pvc Foaming Regulator Free Sample

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